Jim Worthington Delegate
at the 2016 Republican National Convention

Jim Accepting the 2016
Augie’s Quest for ALS
Leadership Award

Since the Primary elections on April 26, 2016 I have been receiving many calls and emails from folks interested in supporting Donald Trump for President.  Based on this input I am responding by asking that if you are interested in getting involved in any grassroots activity, please complete the form below on this website and we will begin a database of people who want to volunteer or help in any way.  If there is enough interest, we may consider spearheading this type of activity.

A message to the voters:

To everyone who voted to elect me as a Republican Delegate for the 8th Congressional District, I thank you. I ran on the promise that I would uphold your vote through every round of balloting at the national convention.  You have my word that I will follow through on that promise.  I will vote for Donald Trump on every round. I am publicly announcing that I am running a half page ad on Sunday, May 1, 2016 in the Courier Times and the Intelligencer thanking everyone and reiterating my position and promise.  On Thursday, April 28, 2016 I arranged for a pre-taped message from me to be delivered by phone to Republican voters throughout the 8th District.   This message will echo the statements above.  It is important to me that I use every means possible to reassure the voters that their confidence in me is well placed.  I am dedicated to the delegate process being transparent and honest.

Again, thank you for your vote.

Below is Jim’s interview with Pat Wandling host of Speak Your Piece on 1490AM on 4/27/16

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